Pet Friendly Hotel

Pet Friendly Hotel

Pet Policy

General Rules

We welcome all quiet, non aggressive, and domestic pets.

Weight must not exceed 20 lb per pet.

All pets must be free from fleas & ticks, clean, and vaccinated.

All pets must have a collar with ID information and must remain on a leash.

Room Rules

All pets must sleep under the owner's care or in a special bed for pets.

Under no circumstances, pets can use the shower at the guest room.

Pets are not allowed to sleep on any bed or sofa of the Hotel.

Courtyard Rules

The owner is responsible for cleaning after his pet.

Pets must wear a collar and must be kept on a leash at all times.

Pets must be supervised by their owners at all times while spending time at the courtyards.

Damages occasioned by pets

The owner is responsible for any damages caused by his pet. This includes, but it's not limited to: bed clothes, any furniture within the property, any damage caused to another guest or member of the staff.

Excessive damages will include expenses for professional cleaning, or replacement of furniture or electronic devices.

Excessive damages will also include expenses for the loss of income by not renting the room while it's out of service for repairing or cleaning.